PERFOROMIST® (formoterol fumarate)
Inhalation Solution Access for your patients

Favorable coverage for PERFOROMIST for Medicare6 and Commercial patients

If your patient has MEDICARE PART B

Covered for up to 100% patients with MEDICARE PART B*  

For Medicare patients with supplemental insurance (over 75% of beneficiaries), coinsurance costs can be as low as $0.7, 8^*

For your patients with commercial coverage:

PERFOROMIST may be covered under individual insurance plans.  

Formularies vary and are subject to change without notice; please check directly with the plan to determine the most up-to-date information. Not a guarantee of coverage or payment (full or partial); state of residency may impact coverage. Restrictions, such as quantity limits, prior authorizations, or step edits, may also vary by tier and plan. Individual costs and coverage may vary. Please check with the health plan directly to confirm coverage for individual patient.

^Supplemental coverage includes employer-sponsored retiree health plans, Medigap policies (also called Medicare Supplemental Insurance), Medicaid, and other types of supplemental health insurance.

*Site of care will determine coverage. This is not a guarantee of coverage. Check with patient's insurance provider for coverage rules and restrictions